Get to know GeoPerformance – an extension of the GeoGrid mapping application, enabling an even more effective analysis of strategic and operational data from various company systems. The solution can be used in any industry – check how it can help develop your business.

Do you face these problems in your daily work?

  • Are you missing easy access to all the most important, up-to-date management and operational information of your company?
  • Are you having difficulty monitoring the most important processes because you use fragmented information scattered in many systems and you lack a bird’s eye view of the situation?
  • Is performing collective analyzes and reports based on data from various sources tedious, slow, and ineffective?

If these challenges are familiar to you, discover the extension of the GeoGrid application with data visualization – GeoPerformance.

Check out what GeoPerformance has to offer

GeoPerformance is a system that integrates data from various sources and presents it in real time using intuitive dashboards and maps.

Data visualization and analysis

Interactive panels allow you to visualize data in the form of clear indicators and charts, so you can easily analyze information, focus on what causes any occurring problems, and make quick and accurate decisions.

Integration of data from various systems

GeoPerformance allows you to combine data from various systems and collectively visualize all key information on one screen, which makes work much easier and allows you to see the relationships between phenomena and events.

Interactive maps

GeoPerformance gives you the opportunity to visualize and analyze data in a geospatial context, using clear, interactive maps. Adding a map context to your data allows you to see correlations between facilities and their locations.

Discover the possibilities of GeoPerformance

Management panels

Management panels help management track key performance indicators (KPIs) and make decisions based on always up-to-date information.

The panels provide a clear view of trends, statistics and processes based on data from various systems.

Panels allow you to improve management by visually monitoring key operational, management and financial events, in real time and in a geographical context (on a map).

Operational panels

Operational panels help operational department employees to understand events and processes by monitoring their status in real time.

  • Operational panels improve work through collective, visual monitoring of all operational events in real time and in a geographical context (on a map) on one screen.
  • Integration with other systems will allow you to show processes/readings in appropriate contexts.
  • Operational panels allow you to make better and faster decisions thanks to the effective management of specific operational processes, e.g., failure reports.

Find out what benefits GeoPerformance can bring to your industry.


Discover how you can use GeoPerformance in the heating industry.

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Integrate data from various sources


Analyze data to gain a holistic view of the situation


Make quick and accurate decisions

What else does GeoPerformance offer?

A system in the cloud or on-premises

Flexibility of implementation – in the cloud (no hassle with hardware, IT infrastructure and maintenance) or on-premises.

Integration with systems

An easy integration and processing of data from various systems, thanks to the popular FME Platform, such as:

  • Telemetry
  • ERP, Billing Systems
  • GIS

Access and data security

Daily backups, ability to export all data to SHP.

Intuitive use

Easy use of the browser and mobile application thanks to a friendly, transparent interface.

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We have 25 years of experience in creating and implementing geospatial applications, from simple map applications to advanced GIS systems.


Over 800 companies from all over the world have already used Globema’s solutions.

Integration with other systems

We support integration with various systems of your company, including GIS systems, we offer support in acquiring, transforming, and integrating data based on the FME Platform.

Employees and implementations

Our geospatial systems specialists collectively have over 200 years of experience in creating and implementing mapping applications in many places around the world.

MPEC Rzeszow Sp. z o.o. field services and employees of the Heat Emergency Service or the Operations Department, thanks to mobile devices equipped with GeoGrid tools, using Google Maps, have easy and quick access to full information on the heating infrastructure, collected in the core EC.GIS system.

Adrianna ChmuraHead of the GIS Department, MPEC Rzeszów Sp. z o.o.