Automate Insurance Scoring and Generate Reliable Insurance Risk Estimates within Seconds!

GeoGrid for Insurance

Zautomatyzuj wyliczanie scoringu – twórz wiarygodne szacunki ryzyka ubezpieczeniowego nieruchomości w mgnieniu oka

Challenges you might encounter in Real Estate Insurance:

Precise risk estimation remains a major challenge in the real estate insurance sector, directly influencing insurance costs and potential claims.

Numerous parameters, such as the property’s proximity to flood, aerial, or tornado-prone zones, distance to the nearest fire station, and more, all contribute to the complexity of insurance risk assessment.

Are you certain you’re considering all the critical factors? 


Estimating insurance risk is tedious and time-consuming, and the accuracy and reliability of insurance scores are uncertain.

Disorganized data hampers the proper estimation of risk.

Limited insights into risks associated with real estate locations make it challenging to tailor insurance offers to clients’ needs.

As an insurance provider, you suffer losses due to incorrect risk estimations.

Introducing GeoGrid for Insurance

GeoGrid stands as an advanced, user-friendly GIS application specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the insurance industry.

The application offers convenient access to detailed geospatial data crucial for reliable risk estimation when insuring real estate.


Key features include:

  • Visualization of clients’ real estates on a map, highlighting hazard zones influencing insurance scoring.
  • Automated insurance scoring and the creation of spatial analyses for a given real estate.
  • Collection of missing data, essential for accurate risk estimation, in the field using a mobile application.

GeoGrid is available as a SaaS or on-premise model. The inclusion of a mobile app streamlines fieldwork and data collection.

What are the Benefits of GeoGrid for Insurance?

With seamless access to comprehensive data about real estate and all associated risks, GeoGrid empowers you to:

Minimize losses attributed to incorrect risk estimations stemming from insufficient knowledge about client real estates.

Optimize insurance offers through detailed data analysis, including crucial location factors.

Enhance client satisfaction by providing custom insurance protection tailored to their unique needs.

Improve the efficiency of creating your insurance offers.

Ready to explore if GeoGrid is the right solution for you?

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