GeoGrid DH

A complete model of the heating network with hydraulic calculations

Do you encounter these challenges in your daily work?

  • You need up-to-date information about the network, its operational status, inspections, failures, and connections.
  • You need to safely prepare your heating system for the heating season.
  • You want to make decisions about the development of the network based on complete and reliable information about its condition and heat demand.

Additionally, do you think that existing free tools are too general and not adapted to the needs of heating, and that advanced network management systems are too expensive to purchase and maintain?

The answer to these problems is GeoGrid DH – a solution designed for the needs of heating companies, combining GIS with computational tools.

Learn about GeoGrid DH

GeoGrid DH is a lightweight GIS, meaning a universal geographic information system with a basic scope of functionalities, created for the heating industry, in which you can model the course of your heating network and its operation.

GeoGrid DH addresses the following challenges:

  • Preparation for heating seasons based on hydraulic and thermal calculations
  • Investment planning and development strategy planning based on reliable and up-to-date network data
  • Assessing the impact of planned work or failures on customers and informing them effectively
  • Ensuring investment and operation security by minimizing the risk of network conflicts with the infrastructure of other industries
  • Reducing network maintenance costs and simultaneously improving the quality of heat supply
  • Meeting requirements of the owner and controller as well as legal requirements

What do you gain with GeoGrid DH?

Quick and convenient access to the necessary data and information from map level
The ability to access data while in the field, through mobile devices

Access for the management to transparent panels with the most important information about the network

GeoGrid DH supports business processes at almost every stage of network development

Network configuration control –
network operations support (reconnecting)
Projects and costs –
development and modernization planning
Network inspections and maintenance
Network analysis –
preparation for the heating season
Billing, telemetry, building plots, integrations
Current network data –
network resources, inventory, and management

Discover the possibilities of GeoGrid DH


Dashboards enable effective monitoring of key metrics and provide insights into business data. They make it easier to identify trends and patterns, and thus make more accurate data-driven decisions and improve the management of company operations.

Data model

You get a specialized data model of the heating network, along with topology.

  • Heating network, buildings (sources, chambers), heat distribution centers, devices
  • Map background based on OSM maps and GeoPortal maps

Business process support

  • Event handling on nodes: complaints, failures, seasonal switchovers
  • Registration and assessment of the effects of network outages/ network shutdowns
  • Maintenance inspections of nodes and chambers
  • Traffic management – supervision of network configuration
  • Handling of transmission easements
  • Monitoring collisions with other infrastructure
  • Planning and conducting investments

Analysis of the consequences of failure

In GeoGrid DH, you have access to complete data about the part of the network affected by the failure. The information includes, among others: valves to close, indication of alternative power supply options, list of customers that were cut-off or information about undelivered energy.

Analyzing this data will allow you to:

  • Understand the effects of the failure: the extent of network affected by the failure, which requires repair and restoration of traffic
  • Check the possibility of minimizing the effects of a failure, e.g. by reconfiguring the network
  • Plan network work (shutdown) or failure simulation

Hydraulic calculations

Hydraulic calculations are useful, among others: when expanding the network, connecting users who influence network traffic – when it is necessary to plan or check its efficiency along with the correct parameters of the heating factor. You can also use them when preparing for the heating season and checking the behavior of the network in an emergency (e.g. when disconnecting a part of the network).

GeoGrid DH performs hydraulic calculations:

  • For ring networks and cooperating sources
  • For a specific set of loads (according to contractual capacities or to freely prepared loads)
  • Including network pumps and reducers
Obliczenia hydrauliczne

Presentation of results

Calculation results: pressures, flows, velocities, heat losses, inflow times – are presented in tables, on a map and on piezometric charts.

Additionally, critical situations are signaled, such as overloaded sections, cavitation risk, sections without flow, and critical routes.

Working in the field

  • Quick and easy access to network data for everyone: from the installer, who will know what to expect when going to the junction, to the president of the company – information from GeoGrid DH shown online will be useful, for example, when talking about the development of the network with a mayor.
  • Data can be entered immediately in the field (e.g., instantly after the inspection), so we have complete and reliable data about the network.


GeoGrid DH enables a swift integration with other systems via API.

The solution can be also further expanded to suit your individual needs – get to know  GeoPerformance.

Technical advantages of GeoGrid DH

Current network model at your fingertips – you have access to data on any device with a browser, including a smartphone in the field

Cloud system – no problems with hardware, IT infrastructure or maintenance

Access security – editing and viewing data for separate groups of authorized users

Data security – daily backups, ability to export all data to SHP

What are the benefits of using GeoGrid DH?

  • Confidence and efficiency of network operations – uninterrupted and easy access to network information in the office and in the field.
  • Reliable data about the network and its condition – recording of changes and activities performed right away, on location.
  • More efficient failure handling – thanks to quick system analysis
  • Certainty of inspections – data on inspections and faults assigned to objects
  • Supervision of the management over the operation process – all data and statistics at hand
  • Better investment and modernization decisions based on certain information

Why choose our solution?

We know the needs and challenges of the heating industry. GeoGrid DH was created for smaller heating companies that do not want to implement large, complex systems, but want to improve the management of the heating network and need an intuitive application that can be easily used by all employees.


Our heating solutions are already used by 74 cities in Poland/Europe.


4.5 million customers use the heating network modeled in our systems.


We have been creating and implementing geospatial solutions and map applications in network enterprises for over 25 years.

Find out how GeoGrid DH will facilitate network management in your enterprise

Check how using GeoGrid DH you can model heating networks and gain convenient access to reliable and up-to-date information.