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Did you know that 80% of data collected by businesses has a location component?

However, many of them face problems with:

  • lack of easy access to these data within the organization
  • lack of an all-in-one platform for presenting data from various sources
  • long processes of implementing geospatial applications supporting business processes, including operations in the field

These problems can lead to

  • ineffective and protracted processes that are over engaging for the employees
  • suboptimal use of resources
  • high costs of completing works.

Discover GeoGrid - software to visualize, manage, and understand your data using interactive maps

GeoGrid is a light GIS – a universal geographic information system with basic features, ready to immediate use and available in Cloud, as a web or mobile app

Web and mobile SaaS applications

available for immediate use in your company

Configurable data model

which can combine data from different sources. In addition, working on projects allows you to adjust the scope of the presented data to the employee role

Everyone in your organization can use geospatial data

GIS knowledge is not needed thanks to a user-friendly interface

Support in the collection, transformation, and integration of your data

thanks to FME, a data integration platform managing over 450 data formats and sources

Explore GeoGrid features

Create eye-catching, interactive maps

Understand your data better and get more information out of them with beautiful maps based on Open Street Maps. Full interactivity allows you to navigate efficiently as well as display the key information and dependencies.

Gain new perspectives and enhanced details as you interact with data, zoom in, or search on the map: object attributes, notes, documentations, and linked objects. Click on the map to discover location-specific data displayed in object properties, tables, or charts. Analyze the maps and get valuable insights about spatial relationships that can help your business grow.

Monitor and manage your assets

Track the status of your assets and the performance in real time to reduce costs and increase efficiency. You can use GeoGrid in two ways:

  • As a stand-alone solution – GeoGrid can run based on internal and external data sources, displayed as raster and vector layers
  • Integrated with other systems – GeoGrid can be also integrated with GIS solutions

GeoGrid has a fully configurable model of geospatial data and predefined data models for network industries (heating, energy, lightning, water). Depending on the project or employee role, the scope of data and features can be different.

Edit and cooperate

You can edit, add, and delete objects to keep all information updated. GeoGrid allows a group of users to work on the same projects in real time:

  • based on the same data, taking into account the roles of different users
  • both stationary and field workers
  • accessible offline in the mobile app

Analyze data and monitore dashboards

Create queries and analyze data in a geospatial context to gain additional perspectives and reveal new patterns, which results in making informed, beneficial business decisions. Enrich your maps by incorporating external content, such as demographics data.

With GeoGrid, you can:

  • create advanced attribute and spatial queries, using the wizard/creator
  • modify data styles for analyzes (based on attributes, heatmaps, and clustering)
  • analyze data based on tables and interactive dashboards to monitor your assets in real time

What will you get with GeoGrid?

Reduced costs and increased efficiency

thanks to wide access to geospatial data and effective processes

Effective support for fieldwork

easy access to data that can be modified by mobile workers directly in the field

Increased effectiveness of employees

easy access for employees, taking into account role and scope of information

Low implementation cost

as a result of the SaaS model and our support in data migration

Who can use GeoGrid?

„53% of enterprises say that Location Intelligence is either critically important or very important to achieving their goals for 2020.”

Forbes 2020 

Network industries

Heating, water and sewage systems, energy, etc.


Local and federal government


Real estate, insurance, retail and e-commerce


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Why us?


We have almost 25 years of experience in creating and implementing geospatial solutions – our portfolio includes both small map applications and advanced GIS systems.

Satisfied customers

Over the years, we completed projects for almost 600 companies and organizations from all around the globe.

System integrations

Need to integrate GeoGrid with other systems used in your organization? You are already using another GIS solution? No problem – we will not only help you to integrate GeoGrid seamlessly with any system you want, but we will also support you with capturing, transforming, and integrating your data using the FME platform.

Team of experts

200 years – that’s how much experience our team members have altogether in developing and implementing map solutions. We have a deep understanding and knowledge of that area.

Our field crews, members of the emergency team, and operation department can easily access and use data about network infrastructure from DH.GIS database, using mobile devices with GeoGrid tools, based on Google Maps.

Adrianna Chmurahead of GIS, MPEC Rzeszow, a Polish district heating company

Dedicated map applications

You are not sure if GeoGrid is the right solution for your business? You have industry-specfic needs and requirements? We can help you! We develop dedicated map applications, based on GeoGrid components: